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"Thank you, I'm always happy with your Scar-Ban Massage Lotion. :)" - J.V., New York, NY
"The Scar-Ban is terrific. I had a knee replacement 10 months ago and the scar is hardly visible any more." - J.P., Fremantle, Australia
"My doctor said I was a fast healer... I didn't tell him it was the Scar-Ban that has resolved my scars so quickly!" - L.H., Gumtree, PA
"I want to thank you for marketing the wonderful Cayce products... I have had a large scar on my right cheek since birth (instrument baby). In the last couple of years it has become quite ugly with large discolored bumps. Six months ago, I purchased a bottle of Scar-Ban from you. After a week of use there was an improvement in the scar. Now, six months later the scar is barely noticeable. It has a supple, normal appearance. No more stares from people and I can even shave over it without "nicking" it. A big Thank You to Edgar Cayce and Bruce Baar." - G. C., Pickford, MA
"I thought I would give you a testimonial on your Scar Ban. I have only been using it for little more than a week and what an improvement! It took away the dry scaly residue and softened the skin and a lot of the red has faded. Really works great." - M.D
"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Scar-Ban. I decided to try using it on some bumps that I have on the back of my arms. It's been amazing! My skin is so soft (on the legs too), and the bumps are almost completely gone. Just thought you might want to know of its other uses." - K., NY
"My friend recommended the Scar-Ban for me because I had to have 12 stitches over my eyebrow. Her husband used it on his medical scars and it worked great." - N.S., Menomonee Falls, WI